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We’re not just for men! We are pleased to announce that Amanda Preston is now working with us.  For appointments, please contact her directly at 214-725-7345.

Click here for information on Apilus Senior II by Dectro and permanent hair removal for men in Dallas!

Electrolysis for Men, Permanent Hair Removal, Dallas

The Dallas Electrolysis Clinic offers electrolysis for men. Our clients come from all walks of life – athletes,  executives, professionals, students, musicians, actors and more.  They live in Dallas, Fort Worth and many other North Texas communities. These men all share one thing in common, however – the desire to remove unwanted hair from one part of the body or another.  They soon learn that our services are safe, effective and confidential.

We offer an effective alternative to laser hair removal and topical hair removers.  For safe effective electrolysis hair removal, Dallas men call the Dallas Electrolysis Clinic.

Your physique, hairstyle and clothes reflect the image you want to convey.  Unsightly or unwanted hair can detract from the look you have carefully crafted through diet and exercise. For more than 100 years, electrolysis hair removal has offered a safe and permanent solution for both men and women.  

Unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis works on ALL colors  of hair and ALL types of skin and complexions. And it’s gentle on the skin!

Many of our clients have used laser hair removal and topical hair removers (creams) but need additional assistance with stubborn areas.  Laser hair removal doesn’t usually get all the hair.  Male hair removal is often more difficult than female.  For effective hair removal Dallas men have the additional option of electrolysis.  Let electrolysis help with male problem areas such as ears, beard, hairline, pubic area or back.  It’s a safe, permanent non-medical procedure.  

At the Dallas Electrolysis Clinic, we offer the Apilus Hair Removal System by Dectro.  The Apilus epilator offers expanded treatment options and operates at higher frequencies.  What does this mean for you?  You’ll receive effective, comfortable treatment for permanent hair removal.

We use disposable, single use, sterile probes  and perform medical sterilization on instruments (such as tweezers) after each use.  When laser hair removal just doesn’t seem like enough, please give us a call.  

Please call the Dallas Electrolysis Clinic at 214-766-8939 to arrange for an appointment or a free consultation (with no obligation).  We’re conveniently  located on Quorum Drive near the intersection of North Dallas Tollway and Beltline Road in a professional office building.

Evening and weekend appointments are available with a male or female technician.  

Conveniently located in north Dallas at the intersection of Dallas North Tollway and Beltline Road.

All electrolysis work is by appointment only.

For personal, private, professional and permanent hair removal Dallas men call us. Why don’t you?


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Electrolysis for Men, Permanent Hair Removal, Dallas

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